Product Details


Lsun Fixed Wireless Terminal

The HR210 from Lsun is a UMTS Fixed Wireless Landline replacement providing wireless access on major cellular networks in New Zealand.
The HR210 is an ideal back-up solution for your existing landline infrastructure, or for portable, temporary and remote locations, where POTS landline access is uneconomical, or unavailable. Simply plug your existing POTS terminal into one of the phone ports of the HR210, and keep the look and feel of a standard POTS landline, while enjoying wireless connectivity.
The HR210 also supports a USB connection, allowing 3G mobile broadband access and SMS control on a connected computer.

Add an Lsun HR210 to your PABX and benefit from UMTS conectivity as a back-up to your existing landline infastructure, while also providing the ability to make outbound calls at mobile toll rates.